The T.A.P.P Method

From the time a Raven sat on the fence in my garden whilst I was washing up staring at me so hard through the window, at least fifteen years ago to understanding who my inner self is, and what she is about has led me down so many different pathways.

As we evolve we are led to look at the different aspects of ourselves, ones that at first may not make sense but as you travel along the dots of life start to come together and form the knowledge of who you are that incorporates your mind, body and soul and will bring new meaning to your life.

You have to want to know more, to discover more, to research more when you don't know the answers because if you stand in one place too long you are not allowing your awareness to expand. 

This course is a beginning for those of you that would like to be a part of it....the rest is really up to you!

Faith, Self-Reliance, Confidence, Hope

Intuition, Mindfulness, Intention, States of Mind

Clarity, Emotions, Mindset, Soul

Happiness, Limiting Beliefs, Certainty, Goals

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