Crystal Chakra Healing Kit

Within Our Body we have Seven Main Chakras - these are known as the Wheels of Energy of the Body
What they do is help to regulate all of our Bodily processes ranging from organ function, immune system and emotions. 

This Crystal Chakra Healing Kit is designed by us to give you the tools needed to be able to give yourself some Crystal Healing when you feel you need to.

Included in your kit, is an Information Sheet which details the Seven Chakras and the Seven Crystals that are related to each Chakra, and what they represent. 

You will also receive the following Seven Crystals, this choice of crystals is recommended for most people as a starter kit;

Lapis Lazuli
Blue Lace Agate
Red Jasper

All will be handpicked by us, and cleansed & charged prior to sending.

You will also receive a Velvet Drawstring Pouch, for your Crystals.



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