• Claire Guichard

Words with Meaning

I extend my hand in greeting to you all

There is much to talk about and everybody should listen to what I have to say

This time will soon be passed and your lives can continue

I myself have greeted souls coming to us; they are given much Love and kindness because they didn’t expect to be here now

I ask of you all to be patient

There is never enough time you might think, but time is just a number and time moves on and the time will come when we in our world will be more able to help through people because more people will see that there is more and that the life force energy does go on

It does not hurt to find out more about yourself about your inner self, your consciousness, when you do this you will understand more

Open the books of life, there are several to read and more communication needs to be done with those that get left behind

The ones that can’t hear, that can’t see, can’t speak there is much communication to be done to include those people

It is imperative that this happens

You must please listen, please listen

We walk among you we see the tragedies, the pain, but also the happiness and the joy

The consciousness of love is where everyone needs to be, to bring that divine love, a feeling, acceptance, and continuity because through that love, life does go on, and I will leave it there

Because this is new for my person and she has yet much to learn

Please Note these words are channeled from our people from another consciousness.

Thank you for listening

Claire Guichard ©

5 April 2020

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