• Claire Guichard

The Willow and the Water

As I look out of the window, I see the Willow arcing over the pond. The pond is man-made the Willow grew after, self-seeded from who knows where. It found its home next to this circle of water.

There is the feeling that this relationship is closely intertwined, much like our human relationships. The Willow is known as a great feminine and a conduit for energy from the Earth Mother.

The Willow has a direct relationship with water; the water is the healer, the life force that is essential to plants and trees. If the sustenance given by water is not available to these then their life force is depleted. This relationship is very similar to ours with air as without it we die.

There is a special relationship between the Willow and the water, as it can sustain itself for much longer if the water is not present than other plants and trees. It is said that a current is created between the Willow and the Water that draws the attention from our ancestors and the spiritual world.

Is it by chance that this Willow has grown within my garden, I think not. There is much to learn from this association with their natural state of being. It is not the only tree or plant that has grown naturally within our boundaries. The Elderflower, the Yew, the Hawthorn, Plantain, these are just a few of the naturally grown plants.

I will say to my husband Paul ‘why is that growing there’ and yet I know instinctively that they are there for my benefit, to teach me about them, as the seasons pass what happens with them. To learn about them from books, about their uses, so much to learn but yet it is within me, it is just finding that knowledge.

We all have a journey to undertake in this merry go round of life, and to start that journey all it takes is a little faith to step off the merry go round and start moving forward, following the signs and synchronicities I ask you to trust that what you will learn about yourself will open up a new way of being that you could not have imagined, in effect you become a part of the pure love of all that is, that will give you a richness that is not in the materialistic world.

It goes much deeper within our own minds and bodies and connecting to the natural external forces of creation and the energetic world.

Belief is Everything

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