• Claire Guichard

The Magnitude of a Mile

An interesting title don’t you think?

Magnitude is the size of an object, it can be of a large size or it can be about the importance of something, and the Mile is a line segment, a measure of distance, a very long way or a great amount.

Quite straightforward it would seem but yet I see an image of a straight road, an invisible translucent field that retracts and shifts with the pressure of it being touched along the linear lines of the roadsides. The white painted lines act as a central partition, creating two halves, they are striking in their simplicity. Yet I can’t help but think they are a distraction for the mind, a pre-cursor to try to distract from the things that are yet to come.

This is very much about a journey an undertaking of learning and it can be as hard or as easy as you make it to be. There is a feeling that everything you do within that space of a mile is a foundation, a basis for you to look really deep within yourself, and to find your journey, your meaning, moving your life forward into its next stage of being.

A Mile can be different lengths, as they have changed with time and place. Do not let this put you off taking this journey though, because what you gain from it will undoubtedly change your life in a way you didn’t think was possible. There is no right or wrong way in how you do it or how you get there just as long as you do.

The only criteria I see is that you must start at the beginning, an image of feet, one foot either side of the central white line and from there the decisions are yours to take.

How do you know it is the beginning? I feel that your life experiences, your highs, your lows will in time bring you to a point where you are looking for more; you need that clarification of something which you know is there but has eluded you in so many ways. The times when you thought you were on a breakthrough and yet nothing happened, the feelings of doubt and insecurities that fell upon you that marred your sense of self-worth preventing you from moving forward. A thought in your mind so fleeting yet leaves a lasting impression, and you also know there is an importance to it.

Is there an end?

To my mind there is no end, how can there when we have so much to learn. We are energetic beings and we are not meant to be suppressed by the many things of our world that can do this. We have many layers; the expansion of these is what takes us on that journey. As we progress through them we learn more than we knew before. Never underestimate what you can do!

Now, are you ready to begin?

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