• Claire Guichard

Room with a View

It never occurred to me when I was younger that I was more than I ever thought I was.

I was always attracted to the unseen things, I always thought I didn’t have a vivid imagination but yet my time with the King of the Sea tells me different.

As I sit here at 5.15 am waking up with the title ‘Room with a View’ in my mind, I am looking out through the window sat at my desk. I look beyond the myriad of coloured strings, a veil through to the other side. I gaze beyond the Willow branches to the homes in the distance, where the slight frost glistens from the rooftops. It whispers of the cold outside. The clear blue unmarked sky above shines bright as the morning sun appears on the other side of our house, yet it is also marred by the upright masts of a neighbour’s life of connection by radio to an outside world.

The branches of the Willow sway gently, the new year’s growth is young and fresh. The little bird that rests on the wire, shakes and flutters his body, dancing in the morning sun with his daily routine, he then flies off to start his day.

My three crystal balls align on the windowsill, and are cold to the touch, appearing misted, and a tool for the unseen worlds. A glimpse into something more that often eludes so many, the ones that have spent time in progressing themselves in the search for their Soul are able to see that which is out of reach.

I love the silence as I sit here whilst people sleep, yet I love to listen to thunder and rain to sleep!

As a woman, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother my life is where it should be at this moment in time. My learnings are ongoing, and always will be.

It has taken time for me to reach this point.

Where are you right now?

Wherever you are at this moment in time, you are exactly where you need to be, because if you bypass you now you may not be able to reach the place within, the place we attain to find.

Belief is a powerful word, yet having belief you need to have trust that it will happen, and you will get there.

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Have a fabulous week

Love Claire x

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