Winds of Change

I woke suddenly, I knew not why, yet I distinctly felt I was not alone, a voice spoke to me in the darkness of the room, I could not see from whence it came but I heard the following words clearly

“You are going to have a dream and it will be very important”

A single random message given to me from the spiritual world became many more

The significance left me duty bound

The meanings behind the messages could not be ignored!

This book had to be written you had to be told

Hear the Truth

See the Illusion

Know the Prophecy

In this book, I tell you of my experiences with the spiritual world. The people they have led me to and my discoveries. Spirit also talk through me for you. 

Claire comes across as a very calming energy when you meet her. Yet there is a strength of knowledge and wisdom within her that you become aware of as time spent with her shows.

The Lincolnshire Wolds is her home, having grown up in the historic Georgian town of Louth, not forgetting it was the home of Alfred Lord Tennyson for a while.

There are many loves in her life, her husband, four adult children, and three grandchildren, not forgetting her two black cats.

Claire's connection to the spiritual world is a great part and a love of her life and she firmly believes that everyone would benefit from having their own connection to their soul. Claire firmly believes that the spiritual world is here to guide and help us in our life path.

'It really is up to you' is her last comment

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