My Dad Gordon


Little Bird


Brother Paul


As part of my Ribbon Readings and Tarot Readings I receive information from my Guides....


I would like to introduce you to my Guides.


Gordon - My Dad, he passed when I was 24. Over the years he has helped me immensely. Now he is my main guide, he was a believer himself he often used to relay stories of his encounters with spirits. The Green Lady of Louth been one of them. He used to wake me up a lot at night time by calling my name or making noises until I eventually listened.

Little Bird - A Cree Medicine Woman born on the 7th Moon, in the 7th Month. She helps me with Herbs and Plants

Brother Paul - Before I had this portrait done my husband and I visited Lindasfarne, an amazing place. When we got there and was in the car park I said to my husband how excited I was about been there but couldn't explain why. When I had the portrait done the artist told me I had once been a monk in a closed order with Brother Paul. Very interesting as well my husband is also called Paul.